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Interested In Adopting One of Our Boxers??

Step 1: Check out our Boxers, read the bios and see which Boxer would fit your home life best. If none match perfectly continue to step 2 and know what kind of Boxer is your match.

Step 2: Complete an APPLICATION below ! Include the name of the Boxer you are interested or join a waiting list for a Boxer that meets a desired description.

Step 3: If you pass the application process you will be notified via phone or email regarding a date/time set up to meet the Boxer & make sure any of your current pets and family members get along with the Boxer. (sometimes Step 4 happens at the same time)

Step 4: If everyone seems like they will get along well then a BOCAR volunteer will do a house check to make sure that your home will be safe and accomodating to the needs of the Boxer. Sometimes alterations are requested before you can have your new Boxer come home. Ex: if your new Boxer is a Houdini wanna be they may look for any escape routes and ask for them to be blocked.

Step 5: Happy Endings time! After step 1-4 your will have to sign a contract (if you cannot keep your Boxer it comes back to BOCAR) and pay your adoption donation/fee $200-$400 depending on the Boxer & your new fur kid will be on its way home!

We adopt to Orange County residents and some areas near by if the distance is reasonable to do a home check.


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What Kind Of Fence?
How Many Adults Live In Your Home?
Names, Ages, Relation
How Many Children Live In Your Home?
Names, Ages, Relation
How Many Other Animals Live In Your Home?
Species, Breed, Gender, Names, Ages
Are All Of The Animals Dog Friendly?
Are All Of The Animals Neutered/Spayed?
Your Veterenarian's Name
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Personal Reference Name
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Your Relation & How Long Have You Known Eachother?
How Many Dogs Have You Owned In The Past 5 Years?
What Happened To The Other Dogs?
Have You Ever Owned A Boxer Before? When & How Many?
Have You Ever Adopted From A Rescue Before? Which One? When?
What Personality Are You Looking For In A Boxer?
Which Color Do You Prefer?
Which Age Preference Will Fit Your Family Best?
Where Will Your Boxer Be During The Day?
Where Will Your Boxer Sleep At Night?
How Many Hours Will Your Boxer Be Home Alone Each Day?
How Will Your Boxer Get Exercise?
Are You Willing To Take Your Boxer To Training Classes?
How Did You Hear About Our Rescue?
Any Questions?
Your electronic signature serves as an acknowledgement that this is a sincere inquiry, and that all of the information provided is true, correct and complete. On the internet an electronic signature carries the same legal weight as if you were signing your name to a printed document. To complete this form please provide your electrinic signature by typing your name in the box.

The OC Boxer Brief!!!  

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