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P.O. Box 1235
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Tel: 714-904-0012


Once we have recieved your information you will recieve an

invitation to join our BOCAR volunteers yahoo group


Come One Come All!!

Would you like to volunteer for our rescue? We would LOVE to have your help!! High School students, want volunteer hours for those college applications? Scouts & Troops we can use your help too!!!

Here are some ways you can help volunteer...

  • Visit us at our events & participate
  • (Adults) Accompany a dog at an adoption event
  • Escort a Boxer to a training class
  • Help at the next Fundraising Event (set up, raffle, etc)
  • Print flyers and post them at the local dog park & stores
  • Email this website to friends and family
  • Invite friends to join you at our events
  • (Trainers) We would TRULY appreciate someone to work with our dogs! It could mean a new home to them.
  • (Groomers) Even boxers need to be groomed & although we have a shower if you have the ability to groom we would love your help!
  • Hey Scouts & Troops! Our dogs love to wear bandanas that let people know they are looking for a home! If you know any kids that have art skills that could create some, our boxers would jump for joy!
  • ..and more... please email if you can think of something that would help us   with your name,address, phone, email and Boxer/Volunteering experience or desire.
Please complete an adoption application located on our home page! Make sure to let us know you are wanting to foster and not adopt at this time. You WILL be saving a life! Foster Families are what makes our rescue possible. We strongly believe that an animal deserves a better life than sitting in a crate day in and day out while waiting to find a permanent home. By having family interaction in another home they are receiving therapy in action. Foster Families provide the loving home and environment for the animal and if possible food and help with other costs. If a Foster Family is unable to afford the food, etc this will be provided by BOCAR, Inc. We need your help molding these beautiful animals into the perfect pet and just by hosting them you would be starting that process!

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Will be posted here


Boxer Orange County Animal Rescue, Inc. does not have the ability to rescue every animal, but we do consider Boxers and Boxer Mixes who carry mostly Boxer traits.



Thank you for taking the first step in considering your pet's future welfare.  By placing your dog into our foster program, you will be ensured that your dog will be provided the best care given by one of our selected, pre-screened, volunteer foster families. All dogs must be updated with the vaccinations etc. prior to being surrendered & must have a flea treatment please. Once your dog has been placed into a foster home, he/she will be evaluated, provided medical care (if necessary), and given the utmost love, care and attention it deserves.  Of course, this will be continued into the new home he/she is placed in since we extensively pre-screen all applicants by phone interviews, reference checks, home visits, and post adoption updates. 

When emailing us, please be as detailed and honest as possible to your answers so that it allows us to have the most accurate information concerning your dog's temperament, personality, and level of obedience it has currently.  This information will be essential to us and your dog in many ways.  It will allow the foster family the opportunity to focus on any strengths or weakness your pet currently has, routines/commands your pet is familiar with so adjustment time is much easier, allowing us an idea of any issues your dog is experiencing thus allowing the new foster home the opportunity to take the necessary safety measures within their family, and most important, information that will help the new family adopting your pet so we can provide a successful and happy placement. PLEASE EMAIL THE INFORMATION BELOW - WE NEED TO KNOW AN ANSWER TO ALL INFORMATION BELOW IN ORDER TO ACCEPT YOUR BOXER/BOXER MIX

  1. Your name
  2. Address, City, State, Zip
  3. Home Phone & Cell Phone (which is best?)
  4. Email Address
  5. Best day, time way to reach you


  1. Dogs Name
  2. age/DOB
  3. Primary Color (fawn, brindle, white, red, etc)
  4. Gender
  5. Ears (floppy or cropped)
  6. Tail (docked or natural)
  7. Is there more than one dog you are surrendering? Name of other dog
  8. Address & # of breeder/pet store received your oxer from
  9. How long have you owned this dog
  10. Why are you surrendering this dog?
  11. Describe this dog (friendly, protective, shy, noisy, quiet, active, playful, nervous, smart, affectionate, aggressive, obedient, calm...etc)
  12. Has this dog ever bitten someone; human, dog or other?
  13. If yes, please explain the circumstances with details so that we may better understand the situation.
  14. Please provide us with the name and phone number of 2 people who know this dog that we may contact as a reference who are not related to you
    1. Name & #
    2. Name & #
  15. What is the name/address/# of the veterinarian who last treated the dog?
  16. Is the dog current on its vaccinations?
  17. Is the dog micro-chipped? What is the #?
  18. Please list the dates of last given vaccinations...
    1. Rabies
    2. Lyme
    3. DHLPP
    4. Bordatella
    5. Any others?
  19. Please list dates of last Heartworm test given.
    1. If positive, was the dog treated?
  20. Is the dog on heartworm preventative?
    1. If so, which brand?
    2. Date of last pill?
  21. Is the dog spayed/neutered?
  22. Is the dog on any medications? please list...
  23. Is the dog house trained?
    1. if partially please explain when accidents happen & why
  24. Is the dog crate trained?
  25. Are there any behavioral problems that we should be aware of?
  26. Does the dog get along with...
    1. other dogs?
    2. cats?
    3. children?
      1. if not please explain why...
    4. adults? male & female?
  27. Are there children in your home?
    1. If so, what age?
  28. Do you feed dry food, canned food or a combination?
    1. What brand and flavor?
  29. How much do you feed them per day?
  30. How many times do you feed them per day?
  31. Specific feeding instructions.....
  32. SUGGESTED DONATION fee per dog for surrender is $100.00. Any additional amount is greatly appreciated. Are you willing to give our suggested donation?
  33. Where does the dog stay during the day?
  34. Where does the dog stay during the night?
  35. Where does the dog sleep?
  36. Has your dog suffered from separation anxiety in the last year?
  37. Is it afraid of anything in particular? thunder, brooms, wheels, etc
    1. If so, how do they react to it?
  38. Describe any training the dog has had. can it do any tricks?
  39. Does the dog have any health problems? please explain
  40. Does the dog like riding in cars?
  41. What is the dogs favorite toy or play thing?
  42. Favorite pasttime?
  43. What does the dog like?
  44. What does the dog dislike?
  45. Does the dog jump fences &/or baby gates?
    1. If so, how high?
  46. Does the dog dig?
  47. Is there anything else you can share about the dog that is special, unusual, endearing about this dog that would help the new owners?
  48. Anything additional the new owners should be aware of?

When surrendering the dog please bring the following items if you have them: toys, bowls, crate, blanket, food, and any other items that will help it adjust to its new environment easily.

Please let us know how you found out about our rescue

Please send a MINIMUM of 3 digital pictures to our email address

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Dorn Electric

Dorn Electric contributed a gift certificate worth $500 of electrical services to Boxer Rescue for the 2007 Autumn Auction as well as donating to help the rescue in other ways.


SPONSOR .... Orange County K9

Who we are-Orange County K9 was created by pet lovers for pets of all ages seeking the benefits of truly orthopedic quality constructed pet beds, pet sofa couches, dog crate beds and pet travel beds that are guaranteed to give your pets the maximum comfort. All of OCK9 pet products consist of the most durable materials including Rx medical grade memory foam and a waterproof inner liner to protect your dog’s bed while giving your pet the most comfortable sleep surface ever invented. Not only does an OCK9 pet bed help comfort dogs within the wide range of joint & bone problems, but these dog beds are also perfect for pets of any age as they help prevent the wear on the joints that often occurs from laying on abrasive or hard surfaces.
What we do- Veterinarian approved and professionally recommended to significantly reduce pains caused by nerve problems know as Disk disease and Arthritis, which is also called degenerative joint disease is defined as inflammation of the joints. Recent research indicates radiographic lesions of arthritis are apparent in 95% of dogs at age two. Whether or not your dog had an injury or is showing signs of arthritis, Veterinarians highly recommend OCK9 beds for they are the epitome of comfort for our four legged friends. All of Orange County K9 pet products are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Give your pets the Orange County treatment.
Contact information-Orange County K9, (949) 305-3209


Orange County K9 contributed- A Universal Pet Comfort Sleeper Super King 6” memory foam dog bed valued over $350.00 to the Orange County Boxer Rescue. Thank you for the great work you are doing and for allowing OCK9 to be a part of such a wonderful organization.


SPONSOR .... Alisha McGraw Photography

-August 07 Boxer Brief Sponsor Highlight-

Alisha McGraw is not only a sponsor for Boxer OC Rescue but also a key volunteer for our organization. Alisha has been a volunteer helping Brenda rescue Boxers from shelters even before Boxer OC Rescue was established.

Alisha McGraw Photography is based in San Diego, CA but also does a lot of work in Orange County from time to time. Her business offers portraiture and photojournalistic photography for people and pets of all ages. Many of our Boxer families have trusted in her services and have become regular consumers of her photography. She does a wide range of photography including familes, couples, children, maternity, weddings and her very favorite are sessions with furry friends! She even offers a discount for those families who have adopted from BOCAR!

Alisha McGraw Photography


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Modjeska Ranch Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization based in south Orange County, California. It operates as an all-volunteer rescue dedicated to finding great homes for neglected and abandoned animals.

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