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Join The Boxer OC Kids Club Today!!! It's EASY! Just email your favorite picture of you & your Boxer or Boxers to be posted in the Club Member Gallery!

In the subject line type "Kids Club"

Tell us your first name & age AND don't forget to let us know who the Boxer is in your picture!!

The Boxer OC Kids Club is Brand New!!! Be One of Our Very First Members!!!!!!!!!!!


This could be YOU!


Ashley (10) & Alyssa (8)- joined April 2007

Ashley & Alyssa with Presley

Drying presley after his bath, Presley loves his girls!

Skye -3 yrs old- joined 2/07

Skye & Miss Coco

Miss Coco is my new Boxer puppy.

Giselle - joined 2/07


Miss Coco is my best friend's Boxer.

Kira - 5yrs old - joined 1/07

Kira & Samantha

Sammy is our family Boxer. She is a sassy little girl and loves to give hugs and kisses. Anything in reach of her tongue is fair game for licks.

Gianna-3yrs old -joined 1/07

Gianna & Mona

Mona was by best friend and sister! She passed away in March and I miss her very much!

Boxer Loving Kids Here!


Christian - joined 2/07

Aaron & Miss Coco

Miss Coco is my cousin.

Aaron - joined 2/07

Christian & Miss Coco

Miss Coco is my cousin.

Sarah - 8yrs old -joined 1/07

Sarah and Rusty on his birthday

Rusty is my best friend and the house guard dog. He's awesome. He is protective when it counts, but very gentle with kids and small animals. Me & my family love him more than anything!

Jack- 1.5yrs old -joined 1/07

Jack & Charlie

Charlie is my cousin...that's what my aunt & uncle say. He's funny to watch & I love it when he licks my toes!

Kids Activity #1

CrossWord Puzzle

Kids Activity #2

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