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Why Should You Train Your Boxer?

Like humans, Boxers have families. For Boxers, these families are called packs. In a pack there is always one leader and several followers. The leader is the dog who makes the rules and watches out for others in the pack. When a Boxer lives in your house, your family becomes his family, or 'pack'.

It is important that you let your Boxer know who the leader is. If he doesn't know, he will try to become the leader. It's an instinct (he's born with it) to try to be a leader. When this happens, a Boxer may be pushy and not follow the rules. By teaching the dog obedience and giving him things to do, he will realize that a human is the leader and he will follow, instead of lead.

Training your Boxer is a good thing. It helps you to bond (become closer) with your dog. The more you train him/her, the more he will understand you. And the more you work and play with your Boxer, the more you will understand him/her.

In the past, Boxers were bred to perform specific jobs like hunt boars, find rodents, hunt birds and mammals, and work with firemen, military and policemen. But now, many Boxers are left with nothing to do all day long. They can become bored and lonely. When that happens, they might chew, dig, or bark too much. Or they might sleep all day, which isn't healthy.

Leader of the Pack - Purina

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and it is an integral part of the nature of a pack animal to try and rise to the highest level possible. It is an important part of training a new puppy to teach him that humans are the leaders of the pack. Be aware that a new puppy will test all family members in an attempt to establish dominance. It is important for everyone in the family to cooperate in establishing and enforcing a code of conduct for the new puppy. 

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