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...and some possible solutions to try FIRST

I Don't Have Time For the Dog

Is this a recent development?  Have you had time for the dog before?  Has something changed recently to mean that you cannot spend more time with your dog?  If you feel that a change of circumstances has means that your dog does not get the sort of exercise and human contact you would like to be able to give them - consider a dog walker a couple of times a week as well as different activities for the dog at home - Kongs filled with treats are fantastic to keep your dog interested as are many things which you can talk to a dog trainer about.

My Boxer is Untrainable

No dog is untrainable - but the methods you use with a particular dog may not be the best for them.  Find out what motivates your dog - food, toys, chasing?  and use it to the best of your advantage to train your dog. Please try our trainer they are familiar with Boxers behaviors.

My dogs don't get along

This is not uncommon and can spring up when one dog gets old, or when a younger dog hits maturity.  You need to establish who is in charge of the situation - you or the dogs? Come up with solutions to keep them separated when you are not home and cannot maintain control. If you do rehome one of the dogs, it is our opinion that you need to rehome the dog that has the most chance of having a happy life outside your home and the one that is adjustable in the most situations i.e. gets along with kids, dogs & cats.

My dog isn't the same as he/she used to be

Is it a gradual change, or a sudden change?  Gradual changes may indicate maturity, or a slowly manifesting disease.  Quick changes may signal injury, illness or exposure to something (eg. a dog attack).  Our first instinct here is go see a vet - if a dogs behaviour alters suddenly it may be due to a physical change - one that you may not be able to see, and the same may be true for gradual change.  Second try training (again), it never hurts to brush up on training and continue to build your relationship with your dog.

My dog is stubborn/headstrong

What most people are saying when they say is this is "I'm not in control and quite frankly I'm a little scared of my own dog".  This is not as uncommon as you may think.  Your dog needs rules and boundaries - in fact they crave them.  This is the most common problem trainers deal with. Working with a trainer can help, but you must follow through constantly being the Alpha of your pack.

We are having a baby

Grr!  If you get a puppy and plan to have children within its lifetime then make sure you keep that in mind when you get your dog - not 6 weeks before you're due. Now I realize not all babies are planned, but I'm pretty sure you know you're pregnant before the 8th month.   A dog is not a surrogate child that you can dispose of when you have a human baby.  This is one of the ideas that is most disturbing- that dogs are disposable in preference of children.  Just so you are aware Boxers and kids get along great!! If you doubt that please refer to our Boxer Kids Club page. If you have a dog and are going to have a baby there are many ways to help your dog adjust to the changes - sticking them in the backyard for the rest of their lives is not one of them.  Consult a trainer for ideas on how to acclimatize dog to baby.

I am moving into a smaller place

Unless you are moving into a clamshell or a body corporate it is feasible for you to keep your dog as long as you can provide it with exercise.  Yes they WILL need more exercise, but that is a commitment you need to be willing to make.  A dog walker can also be of assistance in this situation. Boxers are indoor dogs and want nothing more than to be close to you so having a smaller place will not change this aspect.

I am moving overseas

You can take the dog with you - and most people would.  It is expensive and quarantine on the way back is at least 12 weeks so it is up to you.  If you are moving overseas please don't wait till 2 weeks before your move to contact rescue.  Contact our rescue service as soon as you know you have to rehome your dog.

The Boxer bit my child/partner/friend/me

My first question is "What did the child/partner/friend/you do to get bitten?"  Dogs rarely bite without provocation.  Have a look at why the person was bitten and talk to a trainer about how to prevent it happening again.  If you dog bit for no apparent reason take it to the vet for a full check up. Remember, what might be apparent to the dog might not be immediately apparent to you. If your dog bit due to toy or food aggression this can be solved, please talk to a trainer.


If you still feel it is neccesary to rehome your Boxer and you have tried everything please complete a Surrender Form, Mail us the vaccination records, spay-neuter information & email at least 3 pictures of the Boxer.

We encourage you to have the rescue place your Boxer, we have a legitimate process to make sure the family adopting your dog is suitable for its situation and will not end up in a shelter in a couple months due to an inappropraite placement.

Thank you!

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