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Something is better than nothing and the more the merrier!! Boxer OC Animal Rescue, Inc. Is a not for profit corporation with a 501 (c) 3. We are a new rescue and establishing our goals of rescuing and caring for homeless animals could not be done without the help of our friends like you. Thank you for anything you can do!!!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email:

1. your name

2. your email address

3. your home address

4. your phone #




Once we have recieved your information you will recieve an invitation to join our BOCAR volunteers yahoo group


Come One Come All!!

Would you like to volunteer for our rescue? We would LOVE to have your help!! High School students, want volunteer hours for those college applications? Scouts & Troops we can use your help too!!! Here are some ways you can help volunteer...

  • Visit us at our events & participate
  • (Adults) Accompany a dog at an adoption event
  • Escort a Boxer to a training class
  • Help at the next Fundraising Event (set up, raffle, etc)
  • Print flyers and post them at the local dog park & stores
  • Email this website to friends and family
  • Invite friends to join you at our events
  • (Trainers) We would TRULY appreciate someone to work with our dogs! It could mean a new home to them.
  • (Groomers) Even boxers need to be groomed & although we have a shower if you have the ability to groom we would love your help!
  • Hey Scouts & Troops! Our dogs love to wear bandanas that let people know they are looking for a home! If you know any kids that have art skills that could create some, our boxers would jump for joy!
  • ..and more... please email if you can think of something that would help us