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In some cases a Boxer may be born Deaf. Deaf Boxer make great companions and have a completely normal life with the exception of their hearing.


A Deaf Boxer can be trained the same as a hearing Boxer, except your approach has to be visual. Clicker training is one successful training method for Deaf Boxers. Rather than clicking- purchase a push button light like the kind that goes on your key chain. When you would normally click the clicker, push the light instead. It works exactly the same way.
It is highly recommend to use a vibrating collar (different from a shock collar) to work with the dog on looking at the you or the handler once they feel the vibration- it is equivalent to calling their name.
Then, work on all of the commands you normally would, but use a hand signal instead of a vocal cue.  
It is also useful to vibrate to have them look at you before approaching them, otherwise it can be like having someone touch you when you're dead asleep and not expecting a visitor...quite scary for some.

Using American Sign Language with Deaf Boxers

Not only is it a fun language to learn, but it can be very useful with training and communication with your Deaf Boxer. The following link is an ASL Dictionary/Browser with many signed words for you to learn and train your Boxer to understand.


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