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"For Hanna"

by Elizabeth Clark

What morning when you waken
Is the right one to decide
That this dog will be forsaken
And no more with you abide?

A dog like this, she'll find a home
And what will be the harm
In telling all the children
That she'll be living on a farm?

As you bring her in and leave her
In her lonely metal cage
And act as though you have no choice
I feel a silent rage

What heinous thing has this dog done?
What has been her crime?
Or are there other things more pressing
And you don't have the time?

This dog who loved her master
And served him day by day
Has become an inconvenience
And has now been sent away

She keeps a faithful vigil
The tears in my eyes burn
While with trusting expectation
She awaits for your return

A dog like this will have no home,
No master will be found
For who will take an older dog
When younger ones abound?

Now at last her time has come,
And with a gentle nod
I'll cradle your dog in my arms
And send her back to God.



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