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Could Brandy Have the World's Longest Tongue?

DETROIT, MI — Physiologists and historians are scrambling to determine whether or not "Brandy" the Boxer has rightful claim to the title "biggest dog tongue in the world".

On Wednesday, TBS aired Ripley's Believe It or Not, Episode #307, which showcased the lengthy lingua (and its attached dog) in action.  Seven-year-old Brandy has a 17-inch (43cm) tongue that just keeps on growing.

"Her tongue was already adult-like at birth," says John Scheid, Brandy's guardian.  "At first we thought she would just grow into it, but as she grew her tongue also did."

Brandy and her famous tongue have been gaining notoriety for several years, according to her fan club website,  Her résumé includes:

  • 1999 PAX-TV Ugly Dog Contest (1st place)
  • 2000 96.3 Ugly Dog Contest and Stupid Pet Tricks in Sterling Heights (2nd place in both categories)
  • 2001 WRIF's Petapalooza, Stupid Tricks and Owner-Pet Look-Alike (2nd place

It is currently being investigated whether or not Brandy's 17-inch licker deserves a mention in the record books.  As it stands, it looks like she may just beat out Gene Simmons, the lead singer for the heavy metal band KISS.  That is, unless Gene decides to break out the taffy-pulling machine again.

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