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I. Ballot Box-er

DUBLIN (Ireland) — A six-year-old Boxer dog named "Charlie" received a certified polling card in the mail earlier this month.  Charlie's guardian Michael Walton, 35, was surprised to find the official document bearing Charlie's name delivered to their St. Agnes Park home in Crumlin.

Mr. Walton told reporters at the Irish Independent, "Someone must be barking mad."

Pictured here with his own polling card, Charlie wins the right to cast a ballot.  Now if he can only figure out how to operate those crazy voting-booths... (Photo: Irish Independent)

Despite the historic opportunity for the country's canine constituency, Charlie opted not to go to the polls for the referendum vote on Mar. 6.  Mr. Walton explains the dog's reason for abstention: "I don't think he has any view on abortion, and he hates politicians.  He always sleeps through political discussions, and he shreds their literature."

(Yes, sometimes they seem almost human, don't they?)

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